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Hastings Litfest
31st August - 2nd September 2018

Researching for Historical Fiction –  Friday 31st August 14.45 to 16.45pm 
Sports Journalism – Saturday 1st September 11.00am to 13.30pm
Flash Fiction –  Saturday 1st September 14.00 to 16.45pm
Make Your Own Book!  Sunday 2nd September 11.00am to 13.30pm
Jerwood Gallery is delighted to be hosting three Writers’ Workshops and one Creative Workshop for younger people (10+) as part of the first ever Hastings Literary Festival.
The Festival - Writing for Writers - provides opportunities for new and existing writers of any age or background to develop their skills, to meet and discuss their work and ideas, and to hear a range of talented and well-known writers and performers in action.  Jerwood Gallery is proud to support this exciting addition to the cultural life of Hastings and St Leonards. Further details and tickets for all these events are available from the Programme and Tickets page of the LitFest website. Ticket prices include access to all Jerwood Gallery exhibitions and the gallery cafe on the day of the workshop. 
Researching for Historical Fiction –  Friday 31st August 14.45 to 16.45pm.  Workshop leader Toni Mount (historian and author of the Sebastian Foxley series of medieval mysteries).
How close to the facts does your story need to be?  Sources can depend on genre, and Toni will discuss ideas taken from fact, such as crimes from court and coroners’ rolls. Take a look at language and fashions – not just clothing, but food, occupations and mode of travel. Can you go too far with language? Looking at social history and getting your reader to engage all their senses with a range of topics from falling in love, worries about the family, to feeling hungry, tired and angry. How to create a character suitable for your historical period with an outstanding trait or characteristic.  Try your hand at writing a short piece of fiction (c.100 words).
No experience of writing historical fiction is needed: just bring writing materials!
Ticket price: £20.00 
Sports Journalism – Saturday 1st September 11.00am to 13.30pm.  Workshop leader Pete May, journalist and author, leads participants through the techniques for producing an effective piece of reportage that conveys all the excitement and drama of being there. Whether you are (or want to be!) writing for a team newsletter, sports page or blog,  no experience is required, but participants should have a strong interest in the subject, either generally or in a specific sport. Bring writing materials. 
Ticket price: £17.00
Flash Fiction –  Saturday 1st September 14.00 to 16.45pm.   A workshop to develop your skills in flash fiction with writer Michael Loveday. This practical workshop includes discussion of flash fiction examples by international writers (both classically-structured examples and more experimental works), plus writing activities, through which you’ll draft and edit at least two new pieces of flash fiction by the end of the session. Handouts with a summary of definitions and a history of the form, plus recommended further reading, will be provided to take away.  No prior experience of flash fiction is required.  Bring writing materials.  You may also like to know:  David Gaffney, expert proponent of the short story form, will be discussing flash fiction at the White Rock hotel at 11.30 on Saturday.  Timings allow you to attend both Flash events. 
Ticket price £20.00 / For David Gaffney see website.
Make Your Own Book!  Sunday 2nd September 11.00am to 13.30pm with creative marvel Sioux Bradshaw.  A practical art/craft session for younger (10+) book lovers.  Learn how to make your own unique miniature literary gem to take home.
Note: Participants must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or other responsible adult.  (Accompanying Adult ticket is not required.)
Ticket price: £10.00