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Tai Chi & Qi Gong Beginners Course
Every Thursday from 13 July

Join Kim from the Mei Quan Academy of Tai Chi, for a new 11 week beginners course in Yang Style Tai Chi & Qi Gong.

Every Thursday from 13 July, from 6.30pm - 7.45pm 

£90 for 10 weeks

The Mei Quan Academy of Tai Chi has developed a highly effective beginners course that enables the student to learn the basic elements of Tai Chi.

Classes start with warm-ups and body-conditioning exercises and then participants will learn and practice Qi Gong for its health benefits and help to remove energy blockages throughout the body.

Initial exercises promote coordination, balance and suppleness and the rest of the class is dedicated to developing sensitivity, grounding and the quality of being 'centred' (like the calm in the middle of the storm).

Some of the exercises in our style, which beginners start learning straight away, are the 24-Step Form and 8 Pieces of Silk Brocade.

Interested students can choose to study one or all aspects of Tai Chi for the development of one’s health including; meditation; internal martial art, practical philosophy; aspects of Chinese Medicine and traditional culture.

Benefits of practicing Tai Chi regularly:

 - Becoming calm, centred and grounded
 - Co-ordination, balance, suppleness and skill
 - Harmony of body, mind and spirit, and harmony with natural cycles
 - Self-knowledge, confidence, self-discipline
 - Developing increased energy

'I have completed two terms of Tai Chi classes and I really do enjoy every aspect of the learning, I have found that it is beneficial for me physically and physiologically. The venue is a fantastic space and Kim is a fantastic teacher I am so glad that I decided to try that first class after seeing a poster locally. Looking forward to next term already!' - Current Tai Chi Student

To book your place on this course or to find out more, call Kim on 07737 690 520, or email: 

*You'll need some loose comfortable clothes, plain subdued colours if possible. All classes are done barefooted or soft soled shoes.