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7 July 2015

Join us for a special screening of contemporary 16mm films curated by Jim Hobbs on Tuesday 7 July.

Jim Hobbs has selected 16 films by artists and filmmakers whose work falls within the parameters of One Hundred Feet. For this screening, all the selected works also incorporate some form of collaboration. 

Collage, found footage, handmade processes, film manipulation, short sketches, finished works, end of reels, rushes, and cans that haven’t been off the shelf in years - these films offer up a type of B-side mentality and a glimpse into many of the artists working process and how collaborations yield unexpected outcomes.

One Hundred Foot III - Collaborations is the third annual gathering of filmmakers’ and artists’ 16mm films. The first screening premiered in July 2014 with an inaugural screening at Latitude Festival in Suffolk. The works have since been screened internationally at various galleries, museums, and institutions.

This screening will start with an introduction by Jim Hobbs at 6:30pm in the Studio.

Artists include: Carla Garcia & Calum Watt, Jim Hobbs & Dennis McNany, Eric Stewart & Dan Stangl, Oliver Bancroft & Will Hanke, Guy Sherwin & Lyn Loo, Emile Atkinson/Karel Doing/Rosalind Fowler/James Holcombe, Richard Bevan & Sophie Michael, David Leister & Christel Chaudet, Patrick Beveridge & Mikhail Kozlov, Denis Masi & The The, Terry Wragg & Jez Coram, Nick Collins, Jenny Baines and Bea Haut, Simon Liu & Brian Cooper, Sophie Michael & Astrid Everall, Martha Jurksaitis & Kathy Alberici

Image copyright Sophie Michael