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ZJ Talk and Score Reading: Distant Fictions
3 June 2015

As part of the Limelight: Distant Fictions - Artists from the Diep-Haven Festival display coming up in June, there will be a free talk, film screening and sound installation in the studio from two artists taking part in this year's Dieppe Festival.

Angus Carlyle: Inspired by what he sees as Sissu Tarka's attention to impossible geologies and their cartography, Angus Carlyle proposes another kind of mapping of territory. Since 2012 he has been walking with the filmmaker Chiara Caterina in a southern Italian mountain range called the Picentini. These walks and their encounters with people and the landscape will become a film at some point in the future. For Jerwood Gallery, Angus' presentation will involve the projection of raw footage of a journey to plant a flag in the rain and the darkness at the top of Monte Polveracchio, a flag that has been made for these mountain walks. A recorded commentary will punctuate the projected film.

Sissu Tarka: A score–reading (approximately 20 minutes) presenting a selection of materials and things, which accompany this body of research into volcano islands, through the voice of a character. Extending the investigation past the ‘items at hand’, the space of the performance becomes a site of meditation through which the relation between things and encounters are coming to life differently: speculative, silently, unexpectedly, sometimes randomly, confrontationally, rationally and sensitively – mapping the deserts and gardens, the inhabitations, the journey of the project has taken.

Wednesday 3 June from 2pm. 

This event is free.

Booking is essential as places are limited. To book, please call 01424 728377 during gallery opening hours.
(Events are subject to availability and may be cancelled if minimum numbers are not reached so please book to avoid disappointment).

Image courtesy Angus Carlyle