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Painter's Beach Club:


As part of his main exhibition Painter's Beach Club Nigel Cooke has curated a two room show of artists that he has discovered, or reconnected with via Instagram.  Below, read how this plays an import part in the way that Nigel Cooke works, in his own words:

"I was interested in how we use social media to stay in touch. One thing I hear a lot from other artists when I teach, or other artists in different stages of their career is how hard it is to get their work seen and I liked the idea of a sharing platform, sharing an opportunity. 

I also thought about the parallel lives that go alongside your working life, like the other painters you you know and have made contact with are there alongside you as you go. And I wanted to represent that in some way.

The title of the exhibition Painter’s Beach Club started the thought process - historically, there's been places for painters to gather together - the Colony Room in London where Francis Bacon and Freud used to go, the Cedar Tavern in New York where the Abstract Expressionists used to hang out. So sort of mythically there's always been these places for painters and I thought that maybe social media was like a new version of that.  A bit like a club of the mind if you like, where you can offer informal feedback and support to each other and get into dialogues and conversations about what you're doing. And I found it really fruitful. I found it really rewarding to do that and discover loads of things I would never have known about.

I wanted there to be a representation of this alongside the main exhibition.  Telescope includes artists who I've taught as a tutor in the past who have gone on to have careers. There's people I was at college with, people I've lost touch with, or people I've discovered who are new. It's a cross section of the contact I've made with other artists who I find interesting at different stages in their career and a bit like a mix tape would be I suppose from a musician.

The title Telescope is a metaphor of the ocean voyage which is always present for me in terms of how painting can be difficult. So it made me think of the phone as being like a telescope, sitting on your desk or pallet alongside you as you work and when you're up against it you might flick through Instagram and look up what your friends are doing and you may see they've got a show, they've got a book, they've got a new work out or something's happening with someone's visited someone else and it just it just feels nice. It feels good, like a community again and  I wanted to celebrate that. I wanted to have a sort of a snapshot of that visible alongside my work to maybe suggest how the support network is something we should really cherish" - Nigel Cooke


Artists Featured in Painter's Beach Club: Telescope

Rita Ackermann @ritaackermann

Andrew Cranston @andrew.cranston

Daniel Crews-Chubb @danielcrewschubb

Jaye Ho @jayeho22

Chris Jones @chrisjonesstudio

Thomas Langley @thomaslangley86

David Lock @mrdavidlock

Andi Magenheimer @millerofdust

Gabriel Mansfield @gabrieljmansfield

Lisa Rigg @lisariggpainting

Benjamin Risk @benjaminrisk

Tim Stoner @stonertim

Geraldine Swayne @geraldineswayne

Russell Terry @russellterry_artist

Caragh Thuring 

Flora Yukhnovich @flora_yukhnovich


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Image: ©Pete Jones