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The Quick & The Dead:
Hambling - Horsley - Lucas - Simmons - Teller

Maggi Hambling - Sebastian Horsley - Sarah Lucas - Julian Simmons - Juergen Teller

Please note that this exhibition contains images of male nudity and injury.

The Quick & the Dead: Hambling - Horsley - Lucas - Simmons - Teller is an exhibition of five ground-breaking artists – each radically different in his or her approach – whose lives have intersected at various points.  

The artists are friends who have portrayed each other at different moments, and are being displayed together for the first time this autumn at Jerwood Gallery, Hastings. 

In this new exhibition, The Quick and the Dead centres on paintings and drawings made over the past decade by Maggi Hambling, in which she has portrayed Horsley, Lucas, Simmons and Teller.  These works are in dialogue with portraits of Hambling made by the other living artists.  

This is highly personal, a sequence of artistic interactions, and a celebration of portraiture and its ongoing possibilities. The exhibition has its roots in a 2005 meeting at The Colony Room Club, Soho, where Hambling was introduced to Sarah Lucas by their mutual friend Sebastian Horsley. A friendship between Hambling and Lucas was formed, and in due course made portraits of each other, providing the creative catalyst for this exhibition. 

The Quick & the Dead: Hambling - Horsley - Lucas - Simmons - Teller opens at JG, Hastings, on 20 October 2018.