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Henry Krokatsis:

Henry Krokatsis: Sauna Kabin is now closed as a functional suana and no further bookings will be taken.  The sculpture itself will remain in the courtyard of the gallery to be viewed by our visitors until 6 January 2019. 
SaunaKabin takes the form of a hand crafted wooden architectural structure, standing in Jerwood Gallery's courtyard. The Kabin draws on the grammar of the small, feature rich buildings typically found in British parks and on promenades such as: bandstands, seated shelters, ornate sheds like the timber framed tool hut in Soho Square and The Ostler’s hut in Lincoln’s Inn, London.
Made from burnt wood then carved by hand to give a rough hewn exaggerated grain pattern, the structure is raised off the ground, sitting on a central pole which houses an oil impregnated bronze bearing.