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Stephen Turner
Everything Comes from The Egg

This exhibition celebrates the tour of Stephen Turner's Exbury Egg and a wide range of associated artworks around towns and cities in the UK, and is the last chance to view this extraordinary artwork.

During residencies in Burnley, London, Milton Keynes and Portsmouth, Turner created a new body of work that reflected the local landscape. As part of the work he interacted with communities along urban canals, within a shopping centre and by the seaside. Turner will be responding to his time in Hastings during the installation at Jerwood Gallery. A selection of these works will be on display in Room 2.

“The ‘blueprint’ for the Exbury Egg, echoes its symbolism as a blueprint of life. Aesthetically perfect, eggs contain in embryo the essentials for new life. From primate to plankton they embody the idea of new birth and renewal, protection and fragility. In an urban world where we are increasingly disconnected from nature I wanted to use this ancient archetypal symbol to nurture re-enchantment with the natural world, as a step toward a sustainable future." - Stephen Turner

Turner was commissioned by Space Placemaking and Urban Design to develop his unique concept for the Exbury Egg with architects PAD Studio and boat builder Paul Baker, as the sculptural hub for a live and work space on the Beaulieu River on the Exbury Estate in Hampshire. Outside it took on the marks of the daily tides and over 18 months of weathering by wind, rain and sun, whist the space inside traces the artist’s engagement with his temporary home and surroundings.

The Exbury Egg will be on display in the external courtyard and will be open to the public on the following days:

Tuesdays 12pm - 2pm

Wednesdays 12pm - 2pm

Fridays 12pm - 2pm

Saturdays 12pm - 2pm

Please note that the opening of the Exbury Egg is subject to availability and the opening times are subject to last minute changes.  Please be aware, and take into consideration, that accessibility into the Exbury Egg is via a temporary staircase.


Image © PAD Studio