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Kath Thompson
Yesterday and Tomorrow

Kath Thompson’s bold, brightly coloured paintings take inspiration from the history of painting, modern global politics, and the world that she sees around her.

When asked what inspires her paintings, Thompson said: ‘My work is about things, people and places in the world. I am influenced by painting from the ancient past as well as the present. Essentially it’s the visual world that excites my imagination. It can be images I see anywhere, on a beach, in a room, a news item on the telly, medieval painting, old manuscripts, a visit to a museum plus things I might read or hear to which I have a visual response’.  

This exhibition features a mixture of new work and paintings from the past decade, presenting an overview of the recent practice of this extraordinary artist. 

Born in London in 1948, Thompson studied at Harrow School of Art, Sheffield College of Art and Chelsea School of Art, and completed a degree in philosophy at the University of London.  Her work has been exhibited at a range of venues including the Royal Academy, Maidstone Museum and as part of the Canterbury Festival. Thompson lives and works in Kent.


Image © Pete Jones