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Heywood & Condie
Head Land

Tony Heywood and Alison Condie describe their work as 'horticultural installation art'. Their area of interest principally concerns new ways of engaging with and representing landscape and nature.

The combination of Heywood’s background in horticulture and anthropology and Condie’s in botany and zoology has resulted in the formulation of a unique series of art works, which are often hard to classify. Their practice crosses many genres including land art, sculpture, horticulture, painting, video and performance and individual works can often synthesize elements from all of these disciplines.

This courtyard installation takes the form of a magical-realist landscape portrait of Hastings. The artistic duo have created a fantastical, hybrid world where sculpted, cartoonesque land and seascapes collide with a carefully constructed botanical ecosystem. Their gardens are a collaboration with nature where the real and the synthetic collide, revealing a hybrid landscape of visual excess.

As this is a living installation that will be on display until September 2017, we are seeking a group of volunteers to help us maintain the artwork. If you have gardening experience and are interested in helping the artists, please email:

Image © Pete Jones