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Prunella Clough
Unknown Countries

Prunella Clough (1919 – 1999) found beauty in the mundane and joy in the industrial landscape.

Intrigued by overlooked and ignored spaces, this extraordinary British artist thought motorway hard shoulders and puddles on a desolate beach were exotic.

This new retrospective of her work celebrates Clough’s early industrial and later experimental works.

Director Liz Gilmore says, “We are highlighting the two major elements of her artistic practice and for Unknown Countries we have sourced works from right across her career, with the earliest piece from 1944, to one that she completed two years before she died in 1999. The exhibition encapsulates fifty years of her output.”

The gallery which nestles amongst the fishing boats and net huts of the historic Old Town, reflects some of the key works on display, including Fishermen with Sprats, 1948, Trawlnet, 1946 and Fisherman Carrying Tarpaulinc. 1948, which represent her early fishing works. 

In contrast, Back Drop, 1933, Electrical Installation I, 1959 and Still Life, c. 1960s, reflect Clough’s move towards creating large scale, more abstract works in her later career.