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Alfred Wallis: Ships and Boats
RRP: £12.00 (10% off for Jerwood Gallery Member)

To coincide with the Jerwood Gallery’s current ‘In Focus’ display of Alfred Wallis works, generously loaned by Kettle’s Yard, University of Cambridge, we are stocking a recent Kettle’s Yard publication entitled ‘Alfred Wallis: Ships and Boats’.

Alfred Wallis is one of the most original and inspiring British artists of the 20th Century. Promoted by the artist Ben Nicholson amongst others, Wallis’s paintings influenced the development of British art between the wars. The directness of Wallis’s vision reflected a lifetime of living by the sea and working as a mariner.

His paintings are of what he knew, remembered and imagined. Yet they are also timeless stories about survival and the nature of our relationship with the world. Jim Ede, who established Kettle’s Yard and developed their collection of Wallis’s works, commented, “Wallis is never local.”

With over 70 illustrations, excerpts from letters and texts by Michael Bird, Ben Nicholson and Jim Ede, this book takes a fresh look at this extraordinary artist. It includes some of Wallis’s best works, from ambitious paintings such as Saltash to what Wallis knew and loved best: ships and boats.

Two Boats is one of the key works in the Jerwood Collection and over the last two years we have developed a unique range of Alfred Wallis inspired products. The Wallis range includes beautifully hand crafted ceramics, including plates, bowls and milk jugs, by local maker Anne Barrell; glasses case with lens cloth, a reproduction print, magnetic bookmark and fridge magnet. One of the latest additions is a Wallis bag, designed by Fine Cell, a company who work with inmates across Britain’s prisons.

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