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Hastings Contemporary's inaugural exhibition will explore the rich tradition of painting in modern and contemporary art.

Opening on 6 July 2019, Hastings Contemporary will have a presentation of works by celebrated painters Tal R, Roy Oxlade and David Bomberg and a new series of drawings by Artist Patron Sir Quentin Blake to celebrate the launch.

Hastings Contemporary, a new, independent art gallery will champion modern and contemporary art in an international context exploring all art forms with a particular focus on the medium of painting. 
The gallery’s inaugural exhibitions will be two major presentations of works by the international contemporary artist Tal R and British painter Roy Oxlade alongside works by David Bomberg. Each artist is credited with influencing generations of artists and invigorating the rich painterly tradition through their creativity and teaching. 

Tal R (b.1967), a renowned Israeli-born Danish artist based in Copenhagen, will present paintings drawings and sculpture including new unseen works that will echo Hasting Contemporary’s seaside context and mission. Tal R works across a diverse range of media including painting, drawing, print, textiles, sculpture and furniture. Known for his unique ability to experiment, reinterpret and create afresh, Tal R is an extraordinary artist whose work explores and takes inspiration from his surroundings bringing an international perspective to Hastings. His approach to painting opens up the possibilities of the medium whilst also reflecting a deep understanding of painting tradition, an approach that reaches to the heart of Hastings Contemporary’s mission. 

In parallel with Tal R’s exhibition, Hastings Contemporary will present the first major public gallery exhibition of British artist Roy Oxlade (1929-2014). The two shows will be contextualised by a one room display of work by celebrated British modernist, David Bomberg (1890-1957). 

A student of Bomberg’s, Roy Oxlade was deeply indebted to and inspired by his tutor during his early career and went on to find his own unique style and method of teaching. Oxlade’s approach to painting was energetic, bold and instinctual. He was renowned for his powerful use of colour. The exhibition will give visitors the opportunity to encounter an extraordinary and previously overlooked artist’s vision that impressed many of his students and contemporaries. It will also bring to life the work of an artist local to the South East, highlighting the region’s rich artistic history. 

David Bomberg is hailed as a master of the modern era, who invigorated British painting and taught a generation of painters who emerged in the 1950s - including Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff. Key works by Bomberg that highlight his unique approach will be lent to Hastings Contemporary by the renowned collector Daniel Katz. This partnership will kickstart a programme of public and private partnerships for Hastings Contemporary. 

Artist Patron, Sir Quentin Blake will also present a new series of drawings to commemorate the launch of Hastings Contemporary. A local to Hastings, Blake has been inspired by the Gallery and its enterprising programme of exhibitions to create new works that respond to theme of new beginnings. 

Liz Gilmore, Director, said:

“We are excited to launch Hastings Contemporary with this major exhibition of Tal R and Roy Oxlade alongside works by David Bomberg. Tal R’s extraordinary range of creative outputs are like that of Picasso. We are delighted to be showing both new and iconic works by Tal. Both he and Roy Oxlade are trail blazers of their time, whose work also demonstrates a deep understanding of artistic tradition. They are both celebrated painters whose works offer a unique take on the world around us and each has gone on to inspire and educate generations of artists. We are especially delighted to be able to present the Bomberg works, so kindly lent by Daniel Katz which signify the beginning of new relationships with important collectors and collections both private and public. We are also thrilled to present a new body of work by our Artist Patron Sir Quentin Blake, created in response to our announcement to relaunch the gallery as Hastings Contemporary. “ 

Hastings Contemporary's later programming following the inaugural shows will include exhibitions by artists Anne Ryan, Varda Caivano, and modern British painter Victor Willing.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to opening Hastings Contemporary this summer.



The Beach, oil on canvas, 2008 

 © Tal R, courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London/Venice