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Rose Wylie (b. 1934)
Silent Light (film notes), 2008

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Silent Light (film notes) is taken from Rose Wylie's "Film Note" series in which she works from memory to isolate moments from movies which have made a visual impression on her. She finds this 'a useful way of filtering essential characteristics, and avoiding too literal a translation'. The cinematic moment captured in this work is from the eponymous film, directed by Carlos Regados (Mexico, 2007), and shows the houses of the real-life Mennonite community whose homes and inhabitants featured in the film. Other films that she references in the series include Tarantino's Kill Bill, and Werner Herzog's 'My Son, My Son, What have Ye Done'.Wylie has subtitled the work for herself (as she often does as she works) and the viewer with the film title and name of the Director.

As well as film Wylie makes her images from many parts of the world around her; from celebrity culture to Greek myth. The contrast of this depth of thought with her bold, primitive style gives her oil paintings, watercolours and drawings a dynamic exhilaration. She says her aim is  to 'give a place to 'looking' rather than 'reading' to 'sensing' rather than 'knowledge''. Silent Light hopes to compel the viewer to do just this.

Silent Light was part of the exhibition Big Boys Sit in the Front which brought Rose Wylie's recent works to Jerwood Gallery Hastings as it opened in March 2012. This association meant we were particularly honoured to acquire it for the Jerwood Collection. We are delighted that Wylie's contribution to painting was further celebrated by an exhibition of her new and recent work at the Hauger Vestfold Art Museum in Norway in January 2013 and at Tate Britain in May 2013. The painting also features on the front cover of the Jerwood Annual Report 2012 which can be viewed here

 Image: Courtesy the Artist and Union Gallery, London


oil on canvas


183 x 336cm


UNION Gallery, London, where purchased 2012


London, UNION Gallery, Film Notes, January- March 2010.

Hastings, Jerwood Gallery, Rose Wylie:Big Boys Sit in the Front March-July 2012


Exhibition catalogue Rose Wylie:Big Boys Sit in the Front' , Jerwood Gallery, Hastings, 2012, pp.14-15.

On Display

Foyer, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Born in Hythe, Kent, Wylie studied at Folkestone and Dover School of Art (1952-1956) and later completed an MA at the Royal College of Art  London (1979-81). Her solo exhibitions include: Rose Wylie: Paintings UNION Gallery, London (2006); Wear What You Like, Transition Gallery, London (2008); Rosemount, Regina Gallery, Moscow (2012), Rose Wylie: Big Boys Sit in the Front, Jerwood Gallery, Hastings (2012) and Focus: Rose Wylie, Tate Britain, London (2013).

Wylie was shortlisted for the Jerwood Painting Prize in 1997 and also took part in Give and Take at Jerwood Space (2000), and in the Jerwood Drawing Prize (2002). Wylie was named as a 'Woman to Watch' by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington DC 2010 and is also a guest artist for Savannah and Sienna Miller's fashion label Twenty8Twelve. In 2011 Wylie was awarded the Paul Hamlyn Award for visual arts.

Wylie stopped painting for almost twenty years and returned to art school when her children had left home. She says of this experience 'When you come back it is in quite a new way. You bring to your work a terrific amount of experience and material'. Rose Wylie lives and works in Kent.