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We are delighted to launch our 2017 programme with Turn Back Now, an exhibition of Studio Wall Drawings by 2002 Turner Prize Winner, Keith Tyson, which will cover the entire ground floor of the gallery.

Tyson explores some of the most fundamental preoccupations of our shared human experience in his work, taking the universe and our place in it as his subject. His rich artistic practice, encompassing painting, sculpture, drawing, machines and systems, all share a fascination with infinity, the nature of being, and the origins of life.

The Studio Wall Drawings map Tyson’s experience of daily existence, as a space to consider universal questions, and to record deeply personal moments, charting, in Tyson’s words, ‘a kind of emotional headline of the day.’

Tyson began making Studio Wall Drawings in 1997 as a way to explore ideas in a very limited studio space. They existed, in his words, ‘somewhere in-between a sketchbook, a journal, a poem and a painting’. Twenty years later they are still a fundamental part of his artistic practice.

On display until 4 June 2017.