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In our first Pearls of the Sea at Jerwood Gallery Artist Educator blog of 2016, Sheridan Quigley tells us more about her first session with local school, Christchurch Primary. 

In a gallery I tend to listen to artworks as much as look at them – seeking their atmospheric noises or abstract sounds. Working with pupils from Christ Church Primary School, I introduced them to this idea, turning it into a game where they had to devise sound performances for various paintings and sculptures.

The groups then had to guess which artworks were being enacted. We had lovely, insightful interpretations of bubbling abstracts and wind-tossed landscapes.

As a second activity we built on the school’s current focus on drawing and “looking for the line” in objects around us.  In the gallery’s Kettle’s Yard display (12 September 2015 – 3 January 2016) the collection of Ben Nicholson prints on loan provided the perfect inspiration.

Nicholson’s exquisite line-drawing technique, which plays with the overlaps and spaces in-between objects or architecture, reveals the dynamic interaction of form in very accessible way.

The children drew still-life arrangements of simple household objects – focusing on outlines and overlaps – using coloured wax crayons. I then showed them how to use their line-drawing confidence working with a new medium:  reverse mono-printing. The enthralled energy of a whole room-full of 7-8 year olds rolling sticky black block-printing ink onto acetate sheets, dressed in bin-liner aprons, was a joy to behold. And their work was lovely too!

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Images © Jerwood Gallery

24 February, 2016
Written by Sheridan Quigley