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This week's blog is written by Education Co-ordinator, Emily Hedley, who tells us more about the gallery's series of Baby Sense sessions. 

This time last year, the gallery was invited to take part in an exciting new project, working with East Sussex County Council, Culture Shift, Open Seasme and Hastings Children’s Centres. 

Paired with Hastings Children’s Centres, over the next 6 months I attended many parent and baby sessions, alongside a freelance artist educator from Octipus inc based in Brighton. I had the opportunity to plan some of the sessions at the children’s centre which was really fun and I got to experiment with my ideas, whilst having the support of the children’s centre staff.  

Using what we had learnt during our time at the children’s centre we delivered a pilot session at the gallery and after we received really great feedback, both from parents and careers who attended the sessions and staff at the children’s centre, Baby Sense was born! 

Additionally, I was given the opportunity to develop my skills through completing a module in Nurturing Creativity in Early Years Settings. Part of this module was to write an essay based on my experiences of working with the children’s centre and how this affected my own pedagogy.

Pedagogy is the method of teaching or how best to teach.  For me I feel my pedagogy is to make learning accessible to all by making sure the tools to learn are available. By tools I mean stimulus, creative opportunity, support to develop and choice. By creating a nurturing, creative learning environment, I believe there are more opportunities to learn, develop and have fun. 

Baby Sense sessions will be a regular part of the gallery’s events programme and will run on every second Tuesday of the month, from 10am-11am. Each session will be designed with parent and baby in mind so that there is something to see, touch, feel or smell in each room of the gallery.

This gives another dimension to the visual stimulus of the changing exhibitions. Promoting creativity from a young age is vital for giving children the building blocks to learn for themselves.  Therefore, we aim to provide a variety of materials and ideas that can be easily replicated at home. 

Before Christmas we transformed the studio into a Winter Wonderland with balloons, soft rugs and boxes to explore. It was brilliant and there was lots of singing, dancing and exploring. It really got everyone in to the festive spirit. 

Come and explore the gallery at our next Baby Sense session on Tuesday 8 March 2016 (10am – 11am. £3 drop in). This session will focus on messy play so please do bring a change of clothes!

Find out more about Baby Sense here


12 February, 2016
Written by Emily Hedley