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We get to know Marketing and Communications Manager, Kate Giles, in this week's blog.

Tell us a little about yourself and your role at the gallery.

I’m the Marketing and Communications Manager, which means I handle the way the gallery is perceived by the audiences and communities around us. My job has a wonderful breadth to it: from designing brochures to writing articles; working on the website to talking with journalists; photo shoots on the beach with visiting artists to managing budgets and projects.

In my former life, I was a Marketing and Publicity Consultant in film distribution and I’m also a published children’s author. I’ve only lived in the area for five years, but I just love it.

What do you enjoy most about working at the gallery?

The team, the creativity of the job, and working at the beach.

What is your favourite painting in the Jerwood Collection and why?

It’s always been Eileen Agar’s Pigeon Post. I’ve been coming here to look at it since the gallery opened, although it’s not actually hanging at the moment. I love the colours. It makes me think that however grey and every day a pigeon may appear, underneath it has swirls: a good analogy for life!

Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to at the gallery this year?

I’m loving the Chantal Joffe: Beside the Seaside exhibition on display at the gallery now. I find her paintings more enticing the more I look at them. I’m also looking forward to the Lowry By the Sea exhibition which opens in June - not a chimney in sight! It’s an intriguing departure for an artist we have grown up with. 

Finally, describe the gallery in three words.

Serenity, inspiration, stories. Maybe I should explain that last one – every picture tells a story: the story of the person who painted it, which I find fascinating to discover because it gives me a way of unpacking the picture; and also my story, the one I see when I look at the painting, how it speaks to me. 

Chantal Joffe: Beside the Seaside runs until Sunday 12 April.

04 March, 2015
Written by Kate Giles