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Our Book of the Month is Chantal Joffe, an exhibition catalogue published by Victoria Miro, London from 2008. Assistant Curator, Victoria Howarth, tells us more.

Chantal Joffe
RRP: £20.00 (10% off for Jerwood Gallery Members)

This beautiful catalogue was published by Victoria Miro Gallery to accompany an exhibition of Chantal Joffe’s work held in London in 2008. It provides a great introduction to her work, with essays by the writer Neal Brown and curator and critic Sasha Craddock providing insights and personal accounts of Joffe’s artistic practice. There are forty eight stunning colour reproductions of Joffe’s work (some printed at full page scale) that capture the power and originality of this fascinating artist’s use of paint.

In his introductory essay, Neal Brown discusses Joffe’s choice of subject matter, and her engagement with human emotion. He writes: ‘she not only seeks the truth of human emotions, but does so with unfashionable compassion and humanity. Diligently, thoughtfully, she attends to the one thing that is of most visual interest to human beings and their visual artists: the face – or perhaps we should say, to the emotions and feeling as the face reveals and expresses them.’

Sasha Craddock presents an engaging account of her personal experience of being painted by Chantal Joffe. As well as providing some insight into Joffe’s physical approach to painting, this essay discusses some interesting concepts relating to the nature of portraiture.

Our exhibition Chantal Joffe: Beside the Seaside will be on display until Sunday 12th April 2015. There are twenty seven works on display in this exhibition, including Joffe’s work Anne Sexton with Joy reproduced on page 23 of the catalogue.

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20 February, 2015
Written by Victoria Howarth