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Our February Book of the Month is Keith Tyson: Studio Wall Drawings 1997-2007, reviewed by Exhibitions Curator Victoria Howarth.  

Keith Tyson: Studio Wall Drawings 1997-2007

RRP: £90 (10% off for Jerwood Gallery Members)

This beautiful book charts the first ten years of Keith Tyson’s Studio Wall Drawings, providing an engaging and comprehensive introduction to the artist and his work. It features an insightful essay by writer and art historian Simon Grant, a conversation between Tyson and curator Beatrix Ruf, a biography of the artist, and over 500 largescale, beautiful colour reproductions of Tyson’s Studio Wall Drawings.

At almost 600 pages in length, Keith Tyson: Studio Wall Drawings provides a perfect introduction to the work of this exceptional artist, capturing the scale, significance and complexity of this aspect of Tyson’s artistic practice. 

In his essay, ‘Mapping the Restless Mind’, Simon Grant writes about the significance of Tyson’s Studio Wall Drawings, which he believes provides a map of the artist’s existence. Grant writes: ‘His form of mapping is about an energetic inter-connectivity between himself and the experiences of daily life…and represents a perpetual quest into attempting to define how he fits into this boundary-less arena’.

Grant explores the complexity and all-encompassing nature of the Studio Wall Drawings, concluding ‘while some artists prefer to keep their subject contained and controlled – both physically and mentally – Tyson has delicately balanced his rapacious imagination with the ability to articulate himself with singular intelligence’. 

Keith Tyson: Turn Back Now – 20 Years of Studio Wall Drawings is on display at Jerwood Gallery until Sunday 4th June 2017. There are over three hundred and fifty works on display in this exhibition (including most of the Studio Wall Drawings featured in the publication) and a wealth of works created over the past ten years, some made as recently as January 2017. 

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28 February, 2017
Written by Victoria Howarth