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STEAM Project

We are delighted to be running this exciting project thanks to Hastings Borough Council funding. This funding has enabled us to run a pilot youth group working in partnership with Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society (HFPS) and local primary schools. Thank you to the following schools for taking part: Castledown Primary School, Christ Church Church of England Primary School, Ark Little Ridge Primary Academy, Ark Blacklands Primary Academy and Rye Community Primary School.

The funding is being given to organisations who will be working with young people to put art back into the curriculum. The idea is STEM + Art = STEAM. We are working with HFPS to embed the project into the town and its environment, whilst working with Hastings based artists Leigh Dyer and Peter Quinnell.

This project has been designed to inspire, motivate, build confidence, develop skills and enable young people to achieve their full potential and become active and responsible adults. This project will consist of a series of interactive demonstrations and talks from artists and fishermen about the engineering properties of their daily lives and how they use art, science, technology, maths and english tools to do this.

Project Aims

-  To enable young people to access Jerwood Gallery, raising aspirations, supporting learning and creative development

-  To show the practical uses of STEM subjects

-  To create access to quality arts and cultural experiences for young people in Hastings

-  Build and sustain relationships with young people so that they feel confident within a gallery setting.

-  To inspire futures and provide possibilities to gain further skills and knowledge

-  Embed young people into the programme and the gallery ethos

-  Build long and short term relationships with young people in Hastings and surrounding areas by running a series of workshops

-  Build long term engagements with young people by creating a platform for which young people can share their work and experience of working with Jerwood Gallery

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